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Trogir is a small island connected to the main land with a bridge from the north and it is also connected to another island called Ciovo from the south.

The Trogir region also has the two islands Drvenik Veli and Drvenik Mali which hold the most beautiful beach in the area called ''The blue lagoon'' where the clear sea can change colors ranging from blue to green above the sandy bottom. It is truly mesmerizing

Drvenik is a wonderful choice for a day trip or a picnic either for a love get-away or a day with the family, it comes highly recommended!


Clean still sea, the old ancient Greek buildings on your left, the stone houses on your right and a beautiful sunset in front of you shimmering of the top of the water, can you imagine? Or maybe a hot summer day, under the blue sky, you are pedaling behind the island of Ciovo and the air is so clear you can see Hvar, Brac and Solta while you’re relaxing in your kayak, the blue water and shadows of islands send you into meditation, can you imagine?

A very fulfilling choice for a day is to rent a kayak and pedal around the island and let the colors of blue just sink in - there is a very good chance you might spot a dolphin!

What is bluer than the deep blue sea? In Trogir you have a chance to dive into the deep and explore the sea life which ranges from many species of fish, plants and clams. On the cliffs of the Ciovo Island you can even pet a lobster! All ranging from discovery dives for the beginners, to night time diving for the more experienced.

From Trogir you can go diving on the island of Solta and there are also tours that go to the blue lagoon. It's an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Where there is water there are water sports. Almost on every beach in the Trogir region you can find something that can make your day fun! Paragliding, jet-skis, tubes, and bananas the list is endless.

All you have to do is pick the most beautiful beach, with the bluest water on the day the sky is bluest!


The surrounding area of Trogir has many beaches that offer all sorts of water sports - as well as picnic areas, cafes, restaurants and lounges. All you have to do is pick a beach and let the day plan itself!