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We are going back in time, about 600 years in the past when Trogir was an important cultural center full of noblemen and craftsmen, the streets were an open market for all types of supplies like handmade jewelry, crafts, horseshoes, tools, clothing, wine and foods - this is exactly what Trogir transforms into during the Medieval fair.

In the streets are noblemen dressed in their finest, with their jewels and golden crowns. The folk is dressed in their golden brown costumes, craftsmen banging their hammers to mold horseshoes, murmur in the background, you really get the feeling that you travelled back in time, it’s quite an experience!


The H.A.N.D.S. festival represents the intangible cultural heritage of Croatia. Each year Trogir invites representatives for traditional crafts, indigenous foods, handcrafts, local products and folk costumes to Trogir to join the festival which fills the town with various old (almost forgotten) cultures which are kept alive for three days in the pre-season time. There are workshops where you can learn to make clay bowls, presentations of crafts, traditional dancing and singing, cook-outs of old recipes and exhibitions of art.

It really is wonderful to experience the life of our great grandfathers through the culture that is represented in Trogir during the H.A.N.D.S. festival.

The fair got its name from the word that means Yield, fruits of hard work, results of a yearlong work on the farm. The manifestation TROGIRSKA INTRADA has the goal to promote small producers of original domestic products, healthy food, medical preparations, family farming (OPG), craftsmen who are devoted to preserving old crafts and agro-touristic offers of Dalmatia and other parts of Croatia.

INTRADA introduces manufacturers of healthy foods, ecological fruits and vegetables, crafts, medical herbs, wines, olive oil, honey products, natural cosmetics, traditional crafts as well as products and offers of family farms (OPG) from the area of Croatia and the offer of rural tourism regions.


Trogir in style ranges from Greek, to Romanic, to Gothic to Austro-Hungarian to modern. The outside is a stone facade which alone makes you feel like you’re walking in a timeless place. The inside of the buildings i full of relics, statues, richness of golden furniture, religious icons, books as old as the town - it truly is a time capsule.

Aside from the cathedral of St. Lawrence with the most famous portal of master Radovan, we have a town museum, the Pinakoteka which is a museum of iconic paintings, the castle of Kamerlengo and Saint Marco, and the most beautiful loggia in the Mediterranean. Our towns’ symbol, the Kairos is in the benediction monastery of St. Nicholas where the nuns who protect it will be more than happy to take you through the journey of Kairos and how he became our icon.