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The Trogir summer festival is an annual event every summer from July to the end of September. The program is full of music, dance, and art and fun - everyone can find their purple in the events the summer festival provides. The sounds through the town go from classic to evergreen to traditional to modern - the town hall usually echoes with literature readings accompanied by classical instruments, while the town square is alive with evergreen bands, and just next to it are folk dancers prancing to the music made by mandolins, yet quietly in the towns museum are exhibitions by well-known Trogir artists - the town is really alive! The colors from the lights make a misty purple interchanging between street lights, the moon and the bands spotlights.

The summer festival program will be available in May in our HAPPENINGS section


Aside from the many events that go on during the summer festival, there are many privately organized events such a blues or jazz night which goes on in the small streets of Trogir, the narrow corner which when you pass it’s as if you entered another universe. Small local cafe within the city walls, cozy atmosphere, rhythmic music - the bohemian heaven!

If you want a more up-beat night then the promenade is where you want to go! Cafe next to cafe, drinks, dancers, music, it is like an outside disco - out in the open air.

All in all, it’s up to you to choose what sets your mood - it’s up to you to pick your color!

In this small historical town, you can wine and dine in every alley, street and square. The menus range from domestic to high class gourmet dishes.

The most famous domestic dish is called the pasticada, which is available only in a few local restaurants. There is also a local sweet delight called the rafiola, a cookie/cake/desert whoes recipe is a secret-to the grave for every housewife in Trogir, which is then passed on to the daughter, or daughter-in law of the house. You can find this delight in a small domestic store named Delicium Nostrum.

For a small town, the taste pallets alone are an adventure!

Seven days of sailing, leisure, sunning and swimming in seven destinations in Croatia and Trogir happens to be one of them. The promenade is full of sailing boats and yachts, and people dancing to the beats of music under the old stone walls of Trogir. Cocktail bars, DJ tables, spotlights, dancers - all together bring the experience of fun, happiness and the possibility of meeting people from all over the world.

Before the sun sets, the blue sky and pink orange sun meet together and make a beautiful purple sky which sends the message that the evening is just about to start - night life in Trogir is about to begin!